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Debt collection with the assistance of a lawyer has proven itself to be an effective and reliable way of prompting defaulting debtors into servicing the debt. Our long experience in business has shown that many debtors voluntary service the debt after receiving an apropriate demand note from a lawyer. This practice is a time-saving and cost-effective way of settling possible debt disputes.

Following actions are usually taken by our lawyers when dealing with debt collection issues:

  • debtor receives a call letter from one of our lawyers
  • initiation of court collecting procedures
  • legal enforcement of the financial claim

In the following list you will find just few advantages of debt collection using our assistance:

  • legal actions are undertaken by experts
  • judicial and extrajudicial collecting and enforcement run through a single source
  • in case of successful actions the client has to pay no additional expences
  • in case of a debt default the client has the opportunity of renegotiation of an appropriate fee