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Members of our team are particularly adept at identifying possible risks involved in contractual commitments. It is allways a smart idea to let an expert take a close look at a contract you are about to sign. A contract drafted by professional lawyer provides legal security and will save money, not to mention time, spent in possible lawsuit. No matter if you`re a service contractor or an executive manager, signing of a contract entails far reaching legal consequences, which could affect not only your business, but also your private assets.

Marschal&Heinz“ offers comprehensive expertise in this particular area. Please check the list below to get an approximate notion of services provided by our team.

  • purchase and commercial agreements of every description
  • deeds of gift
  • lease and rental agreements
  • terms and conditions of sale
  • service and delivery contracts
  • license and franchise agreements
  • contracts for work labour
  • barter and split-up agreements
  • deeds of conveyance
  • life-annuity agreements