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Our clients enjoy extensive legal assistance in all aspects of Corporate Law and Arbitration. Members of „Marschal&Heinz“ will offer guidance on any questions related to the legal form most suitable for your future enterprise. Our experts provide legal counsel for companies and associates in all ares of Corporate Law.

Furthermore, members of our staff provide legal services and consultation for members of supervisory boards and would be pleased to formulate the charter and articles of your future company.

You can find a short list of our services below:

  • company formation of every description (corporation, joint partnership, PLC, etc...)
  • advice on legal form most suitable for your enterprise
  • clarification of all questions related to Corporate Law and Austrian commercial register issues
  • court representation in front of Civil court and Arbitration board
  • legal assistance for business executives and associates
  • legal assistance in the area of company recapitalisation and bancrupcy
  • advice on issues related to the law of carriage of goods and cargo forwarding
  • consultations with experts on questions of insurance law
  • advice on public procurement regulations
  • legal assistance with conveyance of assets and transfer of shares
  • company reorganisation (fusions, M&A, splitting)
  • drafting of contracts for members of supervisory boards
  • drafting of general business terms and conditions – GTC
  • legal advice on and assistance with formation of foundations
  • copyright law and intellectual property issues
  • financial, banking and capital market law