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Our team of experts offers extensive consulting on legal regulations of presently valid Austrian Constitutional and Administrative Law. When it comes to court representation clients of „Marschal&Heinz“ profit from experience obtained in many years of active and actual practice, acquired by our lawyers. Our experts look back on many years of active work in court hearings and will be pleased to defend your interests in a court room.

  • courtroom representation in hearings in front of Administrative Court and Constitutional Court of Austria
  • legal representation in admenistrative penalty proceedings
  • legal assistance in cases related to European Law
  • legal advice on matters pertaining to phytosanitary and plant protection products
  • advice on issues related to Water law and commercial usage of water ressources
  • legal assistance on issues of commercial law
  • legal advice on questions related to commissioning of operational plants
  • legal advice on matters referred to General Food Law and food standards
  • legal advice on issues connected to railroad cargo and transportation